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From Major TV Broadcasts to Real Estate & Developers, Tourism, Chambers of Commerce, Resorts, Colleges, Law Enforcement, Insurance Firms, Golf Courses…you name it – the sky’s the limit!

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XFactor Aerial

We are an Aerial Video Drone company specializing in all aspects of aerial video / photography. From Major TV Broadcasts to Real Estate & Developers, Tourism, Chambers of Commerce, Resorts, Colleges, Law Enforcement, Insurance Firms, Golf Courses...you name it - the sky's the limit!
XFactor Aerial
XFactor Aerial at Candlewood Lake.Thursday, February 23rd, 2017 at 4:46am
This past summer I took on a project that ended up being much more than was initially anticipated. Through the help and collaboration of my talented friend Mickey Adolph, we were able to tell a great story. The best part is . . . there's much more to come out of this same project. Chris Usaty, it was not just a chance encounter out on the lake that night, you inspired me with your talent . . . this was meant to be. I hope you all enjoy!Thanks to everyone that was a part of this! Travis Keaney, Kim Oakes, Andrew Usaty, Candlewood East Marina
XFactor Aerial
Chris Usaty - Throw It
This past summer I took on a project that ended up being much more than was initially anticipated. Through the help and collaboration of my talented friend Mickey…
XFactor Aerial
XFactor Aerial at New Paltz (village), New York.Tuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 12:30pm
Every day should be this much fun!

PLEASE NOTE: This footage was shot by a professional with the cooperation of Mohonk Preserve. Permission must be granted by the Mohonk Preserve to fly drones within the limits of their property.
XFactor Aerial
Gate House Fly by . . . ?
Just ride it on through . . . .
XFactor Aerial
XFactor Aerial at Bannerman Island.Monday, February 20th, 2017 at 7:27am
Join us for a short flight into history . . . .
XFactor Aerial
XFactor AerialThursday, February 16th, 2017 at 8:53pm
It only took about 3400 photos to create this time lapse. For whatever reason I wasn't able to post this time lapse directly to FB. But it's still just a click away to enjoy.
XFactor Aerial
Time Flies above Times Square
Shot from the Hilton Times Square in early December. 8.5 hours over 3300 photos.
XFactor Aerial
XFactor Aerial in Poughkeepsie, New York.Monday, February 13th, 2017 at 8:14am
Had to keep this project under wraps until the client was able to debut the end results. We are quite proud of how it turned out and are even more proud to showcase this piece as one of ours! Fantastic job editing Andy Pidanick !! Thank you Poughkeepsie Journal Media for trusting us with your vision and then delivering what we believe is a fantastic piece. Next time your contemplating a shoot, big or small . . . we'd be happy to discuss your options.
XFactor Aerial
Poughkeepsie Journal Media - "We are NOW!"
Had to keep this project under wraps until the client was able to debut the end results. We are quite proud of how it turned out and are even more proud to showcase…
XFactor Aerial
XFactor Aerial added 3 photos and a video — in Beacon, New York.Thursday, February 9th, 2017 at 10:23am
Finally Mother Nature delivers!!

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Throne BOXING Series - FOX Sports Net

Rock the Ridge - Mohonk Preserve - New Paltz, NY

WPDH 101.5 - Boris & Robin Morning Show

Greene County Tourism - Catskill, NY

NBC / NBC SN – Fight Night – Philadelphia, PA

SHOWTIME Sports - ShoBox 200th Show Anniversary

CBS Sports / CBS SN - Mountain West College Football - Utah State - Logan, UT

Ellenbogen Media Group - Kingston, NY

The Thompson House Resort - Windham, NY

Strates Amusements - Orlando, FL

MARIST College - Poughkeepsie, NY

Culinary Institute of America - Hyde Park, NY

Empire Casino & Resorts - Yonkers, NY

FOCUS Media - Goshen, NY

Splash Down Beach - Arctic Mammoth GRAND OPENING

Rocking Horse Ranch - Highland, NY

North Creek Scenic Railroad - Saratoga, NY

RUPCO - Woodstock, NY

Bethel Woods Center for the Performing Arts - Bethel, NY

Windham World Cup - World Mountain Biking Championships - RedBull TV - Windham, NY

VOX Inc. - Jonathan Nettlefield

ROLEX 3 Day Event - Kentucky - NBC Sports

Empire Golf Expo - Empire State Plaza - Albany, NY

G.Steve Jordan Films - New Paltz, NY

Walkway Over the Hudson Historic State Park

Villa Roma Resort - Callicoon, NY

NYS Economic Development - Albany, NY

HVNN.com - Hudson Valley News Network

Carr-Hughes Productions - Saratoga Springs, NY

HVSR.com - Hudson Valley Sports Report

Mohonk Mountain House - New Paltz, NY

College of Nanoscale Science & Engineering at SUNY Albany

MIX 97.7 FM - Bolger's World Morning Show

Success Stories

“Searching for ways to enhance the documentary I was working on this spring, I chanced upon the services of Scott Snell and X-Factor Aerial.Working with Scott and his team was a pleasure — they were professional, creative and brought our project in on-time and under budget. More importantly, they provided a unique visual kick to the finished piece that viewers never fail to remark upon. The work of X-Factor Aerial achieves a level of creativity that is miles ahead of the boring birds-eye view most drone shooters deliver. The dynamic camera work of X-Factor Aerial pushed our video over the top, and contributed in no small way to the enthusiastic viewer response our video continues to receive.

Thank you X-Factor, for helping us creatively deliver our story.”

G. Steve Jordan

Director / Photographer, G.Steve Jordan Films

“XFactor Aerial’s experience in video drone technology sets them apart from others in this emerging field. Scott provided us with high-quality aerial footage and was educational and easy to work with. His skill level and work ethic helped to maximize our budget.”

Terri Totten

Director of Creative Services, Culinary Institute of America

“Aerial photography is all the rage these days, but it’s important to get it right.  XFactor Aerial provided PROFESSIONAL control and direction, both of the shooting schedule as well as the actual flight, and the results were amazing! Marist College has undergone significant construction in the past few years, and the aerial shots provided by XFactor do a great job of capturing the beauty and grandeur of the new facilities, as well as tying it all together with the views of the Valley, scenes of the students, and the overall connection of the campus to the community.  XFactor provided views of the campus that have never been seen before–EVER! So far, Marist has been able to use XFactor’s work in promotions by Admissions, Advancement, and Athletics, and we look forward to working again with XFactor in the spring/summer to expand upon our original project.  The XFactor team took the time to meet with us in advance, work out shot lists and schedules, and helped develop some ideas we had never considered before.  If you are going to rely on aerial photography/video to promote your business, XFactor Aerial is the way to go.”

Victor Van Carpels

Executive Director, Enrollment Marketing Communications, Marist College

Scott D. Snell

Scott D. Snell

VP Operations / Scheduling & Training / UAV Pilot / Camera Oper.

914.475.1428 • scott@xfactoraerial.com

A 25-year veteran of the television broadcast industry, Scott has covered high-profile entertainment and sporting events across the country and around the world, including the Olympics, NFL Football, NASCAR and the Indy 500.

Matt Baron

Matt Baron

Senior Sales/Marketing Manager

845.797.1374 • matt@xfactoraerial.com

Matt has spent the last nine years employed as a Digital Marketing Specialist for various Media Groups throughout the Hudson Valley. Through his work with local businesses in developing online marketing strategies and building web content, Matt has established a strong knowledge of SEO, SEM, Web Design and Social Media platforms.

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“Where did you get that thing? I want one, too!”


“Can you spy into peoples’ windows with that?”


“How high does it go?”


“Hey – did you know those things are illegal?”


“Is there a camera on that thing?”


“How long will it fly for?”


“Hey – are you the one flying that drone?”


“Can I fly that, it looks fun?!”


“How much does that thing cost?”


“Is that thing going to deliver my packages from Amazon?”

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