How long have you been in business?

We started XFactor Aerial in January of 2014 – we may be new as a business but have years of experience. Collectively we have over 50 years in our fields of expertise.

What’s the core product/service of your business?

We are an Aerial Video Drone company specializing in all aspects of aerial video / photography. From Major TV Broadcasts to Real Estate & Developers, Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, Resorts, Colleges, Law enforcement, Insurance firms, Golf courses, etc.

What makes your business stand out from your competition?

We are a very unique business due to the advancement of technology. What you used to only be able to acquire via a full size helicopter, plane or other full size aircraft we can now offer at a fraction of the price and are even able to do things the larger crafts could never accomplish due to flight restrictions and safety concerns. We are able to capture Hollywood style aerials for a NON-Hollywood Budget! We could even fly under and through objects and provide perspectives that have NEVER been seen before! Truly a pioneering era for this form of aerial videography photography.

What’s the key to success for new businesses (or business owners)?

Patience, perseverance and not growing the business too quickly. Managing your business relationships and paying attention to details will win out in the long run. Create relationships, not just clients or customers. Bad news travels twice as fast as good news, I feel the same is true about good and bad business.

What’s been the biggest challenge you/your business has faced?

Educating people on this new and cutting edge technology. There’s still a huge mountain to climb, but as people get more and more used to this technology it’s going to pave the way for some very great things.